Zombie Wars Invasion - STEAM Key - Region Free / ROW

Zombie Wars: Invasion в STEAM!

БЕЗ РЕГИОНАЛЬНЫХ ОГРАНИЧЕНИЙ (Rest Of World (ROW) - Region Free / World Wide Steam Key)!

Об игре: If you like tower defense games , this game is for you ! A game is classic addictive tower defense / defense TD, style game and a lot of features. You can build towers, you can use abilities(bombs and soldiers) and you can use hero ! 20 Over unique zombies in all levels ! Fight on beautifully and detailed designed islands. Command your army and kill the zombies. You can save the world. You need to stop the invasion !
Zombie Wars: Invasion Features: Epic zombie wars; Epic defense battles that will hook you for hours! Fully cartoony graphics for children and normal ages; Modern towers and weaponary; 20+ Unique Zombies; Each zombie has a special ability. (Sample: Big Zombie: Much health, Fast Zombie: Fast Speed. Total 24 fantastic and beautiful levels and maps; Total 6 Towers (Minigun,Laser,Sniper,Firegun,Icegun,Ele­ctro Tower); All towers you can upgrade 1 - 5 Level; Hero system; Tower defense game system; You can command ground soldier; Very interesting,meaning and beautiful main map (Please look detailed); Fantastic Zombie game; Trading cards,achievements and badges avalaiable.

После покупки необходимо:

1. Скачать и установить Steam http://steampowered.com/about (если еще не установлен);
2. Зарегистрировать новый аккаунт в Steam или зайти в существующий;
3. В верхнем меню окошка Steam откройте пункт "Игры" и выберите там «Активировать через Steam».
4. Введите ключ активации, нажмите "далее" - игра активирована.
5. После активации ключа игра отобразится в списке "Библиотека" игр, отсюда вы сможете ее скачать/установить.

Цена: 19 руб.

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